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Are you remodeling your home? If so, use this opportunity to increase the resale value of your home with some ingenious trim improvements. Indeed, a well-installed trim that matches your house theme will enrich your home. But, which trim should you use? Here is a checklist of the various types of trim.

Crown Molding
A crown molding features at the wall or ceiling intersections. In turn, it creates a flawless visual presence that can upscale your home’s architectural features. For best results, go for this trim if your spacious home has high ceilings with a traditional appeal.

Wall Frame Molding
Do you fancy a taste of the neoclassical or Georgian era? Then, opt for some decorative wall frame molding. Hence, it befits the dining room, living room, hallways, and stairways. For best results, paint your walls in advance. Then, pick a wall frame molding of different paint from the wall and the frame.

Baseboard trims feature at the base of the wall, joining the floor. Hence, they conceal the intersection between the wall and the floor. Choose between vinyl, softwood, or hardwood to accent the trim. Pick a rather tall baseboard trim that is in line with the height of the room.

Chair Rail Molding
Chair rail moldings incorporate a sense of proportion and refinement in your home. Hence, the height of the trim is quite critical. You want to the shortest height possible. For example, a ceiling that is 10 feet high should feature a 30-inch tall chair rail at most.

Door and Window Casing
Door and window casings are decorative, practical, and functional must-haves in any modern home. Indeed, these casing set the right tone to any room by adding a classic, current, or contemporary finishing touch to your house. Hence, choose between a ripple effect, elegant or colonial style. Then, aim for balance.

Then, opt for a trim that is in line with the décor style in your home or neighborhood. For example, a trim fit for a colonial theme will look awkward on a modern house. And, your window and door casings should match the baseboard and other trims around the house. If you find the entire project overwhelming, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert. Professional advice will save you lots of time and money to achieve the final look you want.