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You can create a beautiful and unique deck that stands out and provides a good place for entertaining without breaking your budget. Just changing the shape of the deck or adding extra features can help you create something that’s unlike any other decks you may have seen. Here are a few suggestions for designing a deck that stands out.

You Need Railings
Building codes everywhere require that decks higher than 30 inches must have railings that encompass the entire deck. The railings have to be 36 inches tall or higher and cannot have spaces larger than four inches. Bearing all of that in mind, you can create railings from any material and use almost any design that meets those specifications. Wood, metal mesh, steel cables, and even vinyl can be used to create your railing. You can even build retaining walls around your deck that hold potted plants or flowers.

Add Some Lighting
Adding sufficient lighting will make it easier to entertain guests on your deck after dusk, but you can mix things up with different types of lighting. For example, you can install electric lanterns at intervals around the deck, while also attaching spotlights to nearby trees. If you’re looking for eco-friendly solutions, many manufacturers now make solar-powered lanterns that come in a variety of styles.

Privacy Panels Protect Against Prying Eyes
You may also be looking for ways to keep nosy neighbors from intruding on your gatherings. The easiest solution is to add privacy panels, which can be secured to the railings on your deck. These are wood or vinyl panels that use angled slats to make it harder for people to see your deck while still allowing some sun to shine through. Privacy panels provide some shade, and some models can be adjusted by changing the angle of the slats.

There are many more features you can add to your deck, such as cascading staircases, pergolas, and hot tubs. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a simple deck or something more elaborate. As you begin designing your deck, your contractor can help you determine which features will work well with your design and which options fall within your budget. This will help you create a unique deck that you can enjoy at an affordable construction cost.

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